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Sunday Services

God has given creation and His people a wonderful gift; one day every week to pause from all our worldly endeavours like work and recreation so that we can worship and rest in Him. This is an opportunity to bring our hearts, minds and souls before God and focus on spiritual things. It is a day when God’s people gather to worship the Triune God, pray together, praise together, receive the sacraments, have fellowship together, eat, drink and enjoy the things He has blessed us with. This day is called the Lord’s Day which is the Christian Sabbath. Before Jesus’ resurrection this day was a Saturday but in Jesus' resurrection the day changed to Sunday.


God has given this day to the church for us to remember the great redemptive works of God which were accomplished through His Son Jesus Christ. It is a day when His people will be hugely blessed, refreshed and recharged by their rest in the Lord to face a new week bringing glory to God in their lives, families and homes.


Our services, both morning and evening, last around an hour with the morning sermon lasting for about 30 minutes. We delight to have children in the service as much as possible as we believe the worship of God is for the whole family. However during the morning sermon children have the option to go into a different room to learn from the Bible and do a craft activity with a DBS checked member of the church.  Our evening service is a prayer, praise and fellowship meeting where a message is given. Each service is followed by a time of refreshments and fellowship.

Morning Service 10:45 - 11:45

Evening Service 18:00 - 19:00

Bible Study/Prayer/Fellowship

Wednesday 19:00 - 20:15 


In this informal time, we spend just over an hour together to study God’s Word and reflect on what we have learned and how we can apply it to our lives.


This time is a great opportunity to ask questions, meditate on God's Word and we spend some time in prayer.

Affiliated Church

Ruiton Congregational Church is in fellowship with the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches (EFCC). The fellowship has over 100 churches who are like minded in theology and practice.  We desire to fulfil the great commission and to glorify God in all of life. The EFCC are a Reformed, Evangelical and Biblical fellowship. To go to the EFCC website click here

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